"PROSERIES 3IN1" – Massage, Magnetic & Heat in ONE UNIT




"PROSERIES 3IN1": 3 therapy modalities in ONE UNIT

  • 3 therapy modalities in one unit: PEMF, Massage, Heat

  • Combination of 3 therapies features: maximum level of relaxation and rehabilitation

  • Full body blanket

  • High qualitiy bipolar magnetic spools with constant rotations of frequencies

  • 18 Massage motors with cycloidal massage, 7 times stronger massage than previous model "Impulse line"

  • Temperature sensors prevent unit from overheating

  • Integrated neck piece

  • "PRO SERIES" setting: Schumann Frequencies support the well being of mammals

  • Flexible, dirt resistant materials

  • Unit can be operated via batteries or permanent power connection

  • regeneration & healing processes
  • relaxation and regeneration of muscles
  • metabolism
  • pain management

Why use a horse therapy blanket? 

  • Keep your horses in shape
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Most barns do not have a therapist on staff, upkeep your horse with the "PROSERIES 3IN1" Equine Therapy Blanket
  • Sport Horses are an investment, and need to have regular maintenance work to stay in shape

Why SportInnovations?

  • 15 years customer service experience in the U.S
  • After sales service is a key feature to SportInnovations success
  • North American network of sales reps
  • Customer service and technical support available in North America and Germany
  • SportInnovations works with top riders to help design our products


Our service partner for Germany:
Matthias Bierotte

Already in his childhood Matthias Bierotte discovered his passion for the horse and the equitation. Soon, successes from 1st place in the „Ackerfeldflitzen“ up to numerous placements in the "M"-showing and successfully completed the class "S".

His professional career began with a solid three-year training as a professional equestrian salesman. The following years he gained professional experience and continued to educate himself in all areas of equestrian sports. After a two-year stay abroad, mainly in the US, he visited numerous saddleries and tanneries all over the world. Back in Germany he founded the company "TACK INNOVATION" at the beginning of 2009 and developed his own saddle and leather collection!